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My Food Joints After Lockdown

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Let’s face it — The lockdown hit us food lovers pretty bad. It forced us indoors, away from friends, and more importantly away from good food. This led me to wonder what I would do once the lockdown gets over. Well, I have my five food joints locked down with the specific items I am going to have once I get there. You will probably scoff, but this is my only ray of hope sitting at home. Read on to know more about the places I intend to hit!

Barbeques on Fire

This outdoor eatery has an Afghan chicken so good, that I am willing to break the lockdown and go over there just to savor this succulent delicacy. For vegetarian food lovers, I strongly recommend the crispy corn and their concoction of chili mushroom.

Barbeques on Fire is run by a couple who are the most charming hosts, and they go out of their way to ensure your comfort. They didn’t use to make tea when they started out, but they personally ensured I got my tea from a neighboring eatery. Did you ever hear of a restaurant that would team up with their competition for customer satisfaction? Well, that is dedication for you!

Oriental Fusion, Supermart I, Gurugram

Supermart I is home to many eateries, and it is not easy to decide which one to visit. If you think you can go by cuisine, think again — there are multiple restaurants offering the same cuisine. I found Oriental Fusion because a friend recommended it, and I am glad for the recommendation.

Being a chicken lover with not very spicy preference taste buds, I chose to have their butter garlic chicken with garlic noodles. It was a mesmerizing, wholesome experience, and the accompanying fresh lime soda made it even better. My vegetarian friends can savor their delectable khao suey, and vegetables in hot garlic sauce with fried rice.

Woodbox Cafe, New Delhi

The last time I visited Woodbox Cafe, I thought it was present only in North Campus, New Delhi. Now I understand that there are four Woodbox Cafe outlets in Delhi. It is a reputation well earned. The best thing about Woodbox is that they don’t discriminate — they have offerings for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. They have the herbivorous and the carnivorous platters, which will satisfy the respective gastronomic cravings.

Lebanese Point

Lebanese Point is a quaint little joint in the bustling PVR Market that offers the most tempting Lebanese food at a very economical cost. It is a small establishment, easily lost in the many eating joints around. You find it with the aroma of the slow cooking chicken and its assorted spices. Once you are there, order the chicken or the paneer shwarma, depending on your food preferences. The secret is in the sauce and the spices. The best thing about this joint is that the food retains its taste even after reheating.

Fresh Food Factory, NOIDA

I am a chicken lover, and if of all the food joints in all of NOIDA I have selected Fresh Food Factory, then you can be assured there is a solid reason for the same. Fresh Food Factory specializes in simplicity. They offer simple vegetarian food that can be found in a typical Punjabi household — Kadi Chawal, Rajma Chawal being a few examples. What makes them stand out is that these very reasonably priced dishes actually taste like home. It is not at all surprising therefore to see a constant queue at this place.

Summing Up

I purposely chose places that were not very popular but offered excellent food. I can vouch for the food because I have been there and had that food. With the lockdown in effect and nowhere to go, I can only reminisce about the good times I had at these places. But I have made myself a promise that once the lockdown lifts, these are the places I will hit. Every time I feel despondent about the fact that I cannot eat out as before, I remind myself about these places. These places are my motivation to stay at home.

What are yours? Do provide your answers in the comment box and I will definitely respond.

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