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Happy Diwali!

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Every year, I try to think of an appropriate wish for Deepawali – the festival of lights, and one of the most revered festivals in India. It is a formidable challenge – It should be original, and it should not be repetitive. Above all, it should be thought provoking, and it should be memorable.

Original, non-repetitive, thought provoking, memorable – you see the challenge. I have had varied success with my Diwali messages over the years. I have had people say how much they liked my message. I have had people say a simple thank you (I doubt if they even read it). And, I have been on occasion asked to send a dictionary as well (I am not sure if a dictionary is needed).

So for this year, here is my attempt at originality, non-repetitiveness, thought provocation, and memorability.

May this Diwali rid you of the greatest curse of a human being – greed. May you always have enough for yourself, and more than enough for those in need. And may you never have to draw upon what you have set aside for those in need.

I know, it borders on negativity. But it also symbolizes hope. We are are becoming a “every human for themselves” kind of a world, and I believe that it is not healthy to live in that kind of a world.

So, on that cautious note, I wish everyone a very Happy Diwali.

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